Santa Eulalia

Historical archive of costume and fashion design

Santa Eulalia, fashion and tailor shop of Barcelona, opened its online historical archive as a celebration to its 175th anniversary.

From Coeli, together with Nubilum, the cards were prepared, the controlled vocabularies were normalized, the specific thesaurus for costume was managed, the design was adapted and finally the collection was inserted within the Santa Eulalia website.

The collection came out with a thousand of published objects, and it is expected to widen and enrich progressively.

Ateneu Barcelonès

Artistic testimonials

The Ateneu Barcelonès, a Catalan cultural association of more than 150 years of history, has a set of artworks of great artistic and heritage value.

To disseminate this legacy, the Ateneu published the works through its content web manager. This platform did not allow to visualize in one space the totality of the artistic work of the institution, nor favored the synchronization with the object database.

Thanks to the development of Coeli, the Artistic Testimonials of the Ateneu Barcelonès are disseminated and managed globally.

Vitis Catalana

Vineyard varieties present in Catalan culture territories over the centuries

The Museum of Wine Cultures of Catalonia (Vinseum) and the Research Group of the Autochthonous and Traditional Varieties of Vineyard from the area of Catalan language and culture (GREVA) gather in this project all the lexicographical and descriptive information of the Catalan viticulture, and they publish it through Coeli.

The data is processed with Coeli technology, and published on the web through a tailor-made customization, adapting its functionalities according to their search and visualization needs.

Barcelona Institute of Culture

Open collections project

The Barcelona Institute of Culture develops Open collections project as one step beyond publishing online collections. 

The main idea is to put within reach of developers all the museum pieces information so that they can add it to all their other projects (apps, websites…), also improving the dissemination this way.

Thanks to Open collections the museums’ information can be accessed (metadata as well as digital objects) using a simple API, so the information associated to objects can be easily recovered and it always remains updated.

Ethnological Heritage Inventory of Catalonia

Material and immaterial heritage

The Ethnological Heritage Inventory of Catalonia (Inventari del Patrimoni Etnològic de Catalunya) of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia (IPEC) preserves a vast quantity of information and live evidences from the Catalan culture, both material and immaterial.

Through Coeli, IPEC publishes its catalogue on the net without needing to extract, duplicate or alter its original data or modify its workflows.

The web catalogue is automatically synchronized with the IPEC collections management tool, maintaining all its descriptive richness, while using Coeli‘s web optimization tools.

CRAI. University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona Thesaurus

The University of Barcelona’s Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI UB) publishes the University of Barcelona Thesaurus since 1993.

A technological refurbishment has been done where the thesaurus is published in an environment based on ISO 25964 standard, in SKOS and oriented to the publication in Linked Open Data, which integrates the search of subjects of any of the UB’s catalogues.

As a result, the THUB can be consulted online with innovative features and based on descriptive and interoperability standards.