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What our costumers are saying about us

“The team at Coeli has offered us a very close and personal way of working, giving us direct access to the individuals responsible for various areas of work, from design to programming or maintenance”

Aureli Mora and Omar Ornaque · Directors of

“The publication with this application [Coeli’s WordPress plugin] has allowed us to display the collections of musical instruments from Catalan museums in a simple, accessible, and clear way”

Marisa Ruiz · Curator | Head of Collections & Documentation

“Coeli’s team has accompanied us throughout the entire process, from the initial database import to the final design of the online application. They have been a fundamental support, always ready to resolve any doubts in order to achieve the best result”

Isaura Solé · Archive | Documentation & Collection Management

“The technology of Coeli has allowed us to use an interoperability tool, Coeli Sync, which quickly and with no interference allows us to extract data from our existing database system to publish our collection online”

Teresa Rodón · Conservator

“Coeli’s native API has allowed us to visualize our collections data on our website, displaying faceted search results, which greatly enhances user navigation”

Jordi Agulló · Collections Manager

“One of the big advantages for us is the possibility of updating high resolution images, this is such a nice thing and something that is not at hand for every software”

Johannes Muselaers · Head of Collections

“We want to highlight the professionalism of all Coeli team members and their willingness to address our needs in the development and improvement of the tool”

C. Masagué · Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI)

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