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Coeli Cumulus

The solution for the advanced cataloging of your collections.

Documenting collections with flexibility

Catalogue all the assets in your heritage collection with all flexibility. Coeli Cumulus is your ideal solution if you want to bring life to any entity and typology within your archive. Cumulus clouds grow vertically, so we take your heritage collection to the next level with this solution.

Documenting collections is key, so you need a powerful metadata tool. We offer you a multilingual platform to document and publish your collection online, in an agile and intuitive way. Coeli takes into account conceptual reference models such as CIDOC-CRM and you can link data with Linked Open Data with reference vocabularies such as Getty AAT, Geonames, VIAF, etc.

Publish online
Edit and data enrichment
Workflow management

Remote access to unlimited users from any device

Coeli offers you an unlimited number of users, who will be able to access the work environment from any device via an Internet connection. Work remotely, without the need to download any applications, and optimise the workflow of your whole team.

Manage your vocabularies efficiently with us

Enrich all pieces of information with metadata and link them with Linked Open Data. Create your own Thesaurus to include a hierarchy of concepts and connect everything to reference vocabularies easily (AAT, VIAF, Geonames, Wikipedia, etc.) while documenting collections.

Coeli is a software as a service (SaaS). Users access the application through any device connected to the network, without having to download any app. So you just need a browser and Internet connection to use Coeli. Access your work environment with a single click and work remotely with our platform in the cloud.

Technology is our service, we take care of the maintenance of the technological infrastructure. Coeli has storage of multimedia elements with unlimited growth potential, a large number of users working simultaneously and a powerful search engine based on Elasticsearch. With our platform, you will pay at all times only for the use you make of it.

Document your heritage objects with all the depth and level of flexibility you need following documentary standards. Our solutions are based on Spectrum, CIDOC-CRM, SKOS Concept and Dublin Core for documenting collections exhaustively. With Coeli Cumulus, you will give life to each of your heritage assets, authors, geographic locations, information resources, events and activities, collections or concepts.

Heritage assets
Heritage assets
People and Entities
People and Entities
Concepts and Thesaurus
Information resources

Coeli Cumulus takes into account that there are different descriptive needs according to the heritage typology of each collection. For this reason, our metadata forms have specific fields so each institution can decide its level of depth. Record every detail while documenting collections: identification, physical description, thematic description, production, collection, history of the object, the context of use, part and components, exhibitions and awards, bibliography, images, etc.


Standards are vital in our interconnected world. Organising, describing, and displaying information in a way that is understandable to both people and machines is fundamental to ensuring that data is accessible and reusable. Along these lines, the general structure of our software is based on CIDOC-CRM‘s conceptual model and the Spectrum standard. Catalogue your heritage objects while documenting collections following the international reference standards of the GLAM sector.

With Coeli Cumulus, the terms used to describe your collection have their own tab so you can use controlled vocabularies from the very beginning. Enrich each piece of information with metadata and link to reference sources with Linked Open Data. In addition to that, create your Thesaurus to include a hierarchy of concepts, synonyms and translations in any language or upload and use a reference Thesaurus directly.

Extract reports in Excel or CSV to work the data manually. Select the heritage assets of an author, an object type or a chronological interval and export the results for analytical follow-up.

Extract reports in Word from custom templates aligned with your corporate image and defined by all the flexibility that Word offers you. Use catalogues or inventory lists, posters for exhibitions, flyers, etc.

Enjoy a modern and dynamic collection management system, designed for the usage of professionals in the GLAM sector (museums, archives, libraries and art galleries) comprehensively. Coeli is a work environment for all users, with various functionalities to speed up the day-to-day management of assets in an agile and intuitive way: massive actions, modules, worklists, saved searches, etc. Coeli makes it easy for you, with a user-friendly interface along with data analysis and export tools.

View your collection online in one click. We offer you a basic catalogue to publish collections online within your corporate page as a widget or microsite in an agile and intuitive way. Enhance the user experience by adding a simple and advanced search, detail tabs with an image gallery and a list of results with filters to refine your search.

Do you want to go one step further? If you want to design a custom web project, we put at your disposal our API Rest JSON designed for the web developer maintaining the completeness of data. It has the following features:

  • Free text search
  • Search settings for all fields
  • Pagination and ordering of results
  • Faceted lists of results
  • Complete detail sheets

In this sense, Coeli provides a multilingual workspace in which any data can be translated agilely (controlled vocabularies, descriptions, places, authors, etc.), directly from each worksheet or through massive imports. The user will be able to add additional languages in an unlimited way, being able to do simple and advanced searches in any of these languages.


Coeli is individually tailored to the needs of your institution. We suit the technological needs of your collection from initial contact, through planning and implementation, to long-term support with our team.

1. Online presentation

Book an online presentation to get the wide range of Coeli’s functionalities without any commitment and we will clarify any questions that you might have.

2. Assessment

Together with a Coeli consultant, you will define the characteristics of the project so that we can jointly assess the range of functions and Coeli’s specifications for your institution.

3. Implementation

Your Coeli solution is installed and the users can access it through any device with an internet connection. Our team will train you and your staff to make the most of your collection with our technology.

4. Support & Maintenance

As a software as a service (SaaS), we guarantee the constant maintenance of the technological infrastructure and long-term support through personal attention and learning resources.

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