Coeli Cumulus

For advanced cataloging of heritage collections

Heritage assets
Heritage assets
Information resources
People and Entities
People and Entities
Concepts and Thesaurus

Catalog the main entities of your collection

Catalog with all the rigour, depth and level of flexibility required.

Give its own life to each of your heritage objects, as well as the authors, places, information resources, events and activities, collections or concepts.

Catalog according to the documentation standards. Coeli is based on SPECTRUM, CIDOC-CRM, SKOS concept and Dublin Core.

Catalog any heritage type

Cumulus takes into account that there are different descriptive needs depending on each heritage type. Therefore, metadata forms have specific fields to let the institution to decide up to what level of accuracy to reach.

Do not leave a detail: identification, physical description, thematic description, production, field collection, object history, context of use, part and components, exhibitions and awards, bibliography, images, and much more.


Efficient vocabulary management

The terminology used to describe your collection have their own records so you can use controlled vocabularies from the beginning.

Enrich with metadata each piece of information and link it to reference sources with Linked Open Data.

Create your thesaurus to include hierarchy of concepts, synonyms, and translations into any language. Or load and directly use a reference thesaurus.

Powerful work environment

Cumulus gives you the tools so you can browse and review the collection easily.

Work from “working lists” to not lose the focus of the objects you are reviewing. Save searches, sort or group results by multiple fields, and edit in batch .

The tool allows you to link PDF-related documentation or URL addresses from the heritage objects. Do you need to record tasks and procedures? Check out Cumulonimbus.

Spread and share your collection

With Cumulus you have all the publishing options of Cirrus:

  • Publish and Unpublish objects with one click and thus get a sharing link.
  • Publish the collection inside your website with Coeli’s widgets.

Rather want a tailor-made web? Data is born ready for semantic publishing on the Web (Linked Data): show maps, graphs of authors, chronographies, and much more.

All this added to the

features of all Coeli's plans

Publish the collection on the net with one click

Translate the collection to any language

Extract reports in Word, Excel, or CSV

Migrate or synchronize your data easily