Coeli Cumulonimbus

Publishing, cataloguing and integral management of heritage collections

Movement and Location
Entry and Exit
Entry and Exit
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Specific procedures for heritage collections management

Cumulonimbus integrates all the tasks that a collection manager should carry out day by day. Control what happened and is happening with each of the objects.

Coeli is created based on SPECTRUM, international standard in heritage management. For this reason, with Coeli you will be able to apply natively the procedures recommended from the register until the extinction of an object.

Improve the efficiency of your workflow from a single system

Create different user roles and work environments following your own institutional organization.

Determine who can view, create, authorize or validate tasks. Remember which tasks you have assigned and pending from the main panel.

Review from the heritage object record all the actions that have been made.

For advanced cataloging

Cumulonimbus uses all the cataloging functionalities of Cumulus.

Full cataloging of your heritage objects, as well as authors, places, events and activities, collections and concepts. Describe any heritage object type, from works of art to intangible heritage or natural sciences.

Advanced forms. Decide which level of accuracy to keep your registration. Use controlled vocabularies and create your own thesaurus.

Take advantage of all Coeli’s search and filtering potentiality to query, review and extract reports.

Spread and share your collection

Cumulonimbus integrates all the publishing features of Cirrus:

  • With a simple click publish one or a group of objects and you will automatically get a link to view the objects in a public environment.
  • Show the collection inside your website inserting Coeli’s widgets. Control from the app which objects and which images you want to display publicly.

Rather want a tailor-made web? Data is born ready for semantic publishing on the Web (Linked Data): show maps, graphs of authors, chronographies, and much more.

All this added to the

features of all Coeli's plans

Publish the collection on the net with one click

Translate the collection to any language

Extract reports in Word, Excel, or CSV

Migrate or synchronize your data easily