Coeli Cirrus

Ideal for publishing heritage collections online

Get ready for the change

If your collections are already documented in a database, you just need to export them to Excel or CSV format.

Poligraf is a set of utilities that helps you to connect and enrich your data, linking it to international reference sources.

It offers a combination of semi-automatic and supervised processes that seek to link your vocabularies with the main reference vocabularies from the sector. Our offer is clear: we make the proposal, you decide.

And don’t lose what you have gained! Once the process has finished you will have the data in simple and easy formats for reuse.

Try it now, our tools are available openly to everybody.

Upload your data

  • Import your metadata easily with Excel or CSV files. We provide you with the templates.
  • Depending on the richness you want to give to your catalogue, you can upload a unique file or a file for each of your contextual entities: complete author cards, bibliography, exhibitions, …
  • Upload a folder with images to our server, or provide us with the URLs if you have them online.
  • Once the importation has finished, you will receive a confirmation email with a detailed register of the success of the process.
  • Do bulk additions or updates to your data whenever you want. They will always be synchronised with your original database.

For more information about other upload connectors or supported formats, you can contact us.

Review, edit and add

Once you have the data in Coeli you will be able to review, edit and add new content online and publish changes instantly.

  • Edit any field
  • Modify the structure of thesaurus
  • Check the changes log

Update or add more data every time you need it, it will always be synchronized with your original database.

Publish immediately, wherever you want

We offer a basic web catalogue that will allow you to disseminate your collections from your corporate website as widgets, or a microsite: simple and advanced search, search results with filters by facet that will let you refine your search, and detailed cards with image gallery.

WE offer an API Rest in a simple and agile JSON format, meant for developers, but maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the data. It has the following functionalities:

  • Free text search
  • Search parameters for all fields
  • Pagination and sorting of results
  • Faceted list results
  • Complete detailed cards

Analyse and export

With one click select the works of an author, an object typology or a chronological interval.

With another click, export the results to Excel, CSV or generate reports in Word with ease and flexibility.

Design your corporate templates with all the flexibility that Word gives you and export the reports you need.

Coeli Cirrus


Create your web catalogue in one click.

Edit and data enrichment
Coeli Cumulus


Advanced description and data mining.

Coeli web catalogue is responsive in all devices
Edit and data enrichment
Coeli Cumulonimbus


Comprehensive management of your collection.

Edit and data enrichment