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Document any type of heritage collection from archaeology, art, natural sciences, intangible, etc.


Use international standards such as Spectrum, CIDOC-CRM, Dublin Core and SKOS Concept

Collection Online

Publish your collection online with a single click with real-time updates synchronized with your database


Manage every activity or exhibition within your institution, centralizing every piece of information

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Manage all types of collections

Coeli provides tailored metadata forms that meet the descriptive needs of every heritage collection, enabling institutions to capture comprehensive information such as identification, description, contextual information, components, exhibitions, awards, bibliography, images, and much more.

Software for museums with a laptop with Coeli Platform, a collection management system for museums


Use international museum standards

Organize and manage your collections according to international standards for the best practices in the cultural industries. Our software for museums follows Spectrum’s procedures, ensuring proper management throughout the lifecycle of your heritage objects.

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Showcase your collections online

Publish your collections online using our widgets, API or WordPress Plugin, enhancing accessibility and engagement with a global audience. Share your heritage online using the software for museums ready to engage with a broader audience and disseminate your cultural treasures.

“The enhancements available in the search engine, complex searches, and the information provided about object names, themes, and categories facilitate research and understanding of the collection for all those interested in our heritage objects”

Teresa Rodón Borràs · Conservator

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Take your heritage collection to the next level with Coeli

Coeli Enterprise is the best software for your museum if you are seeking an all-in-one solution to comprehensively manage your collections. With its full range of features, this powerful system will boost your day-to-day tasks (register, conservation, restoration, etc.) by following museums’ standards.

  • Cloud-based
  • Unlimited users
  • Documentation
  • Thesaurus
  • Register (Spectrum Base)
  • Tasks (Spectrum +)
  • API Rest JSON
  • Public widget
  • Online Support

Publishing, Cataloging & Management Empower your institution with best practices in collections management


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