Conservation and restoration

Record the status of your heritage objects

What is the light or humidity level of each piece? Document in detail the state of evaluation and conservation of each object in the collection. With Coeli, record any possible incidents and assign the priority of treatment. Take care of your conservation management widely. You can also extract custom conservation reports, which are useful to keep track of your collection.

Unlimited users from any device with an Internet connection


Restoration requests, conservation and restoration reports, status assessment, etc.


Coeli is based on Spectrum, CIDOC-CRM, Dublin Core, SKOS Concept, etc. standards.

Digital assets

Link images, audios, videos, and documents in various formats


Export custom reports to Word, Excel, and CSV files


Synchronise information from the database automatically


Assign roles for each user with all flexibility (administrator, editor, query, etc.)


Assign tasks within different workspaces by department or section


Massive data changes, saved searches, and to-do lists to optimize tasks

Interdepartmental technology

What our clients say

"The improvements available in the search engine, in complex searches and also with the information provided on object name, topics and categories facilitate the search and knowledge of the collection to all those people interested in us"

Teresa Rodón · Conservator

Publishing online

Share your heritage with the world


Document and link with reference sources

Digital Asset Management

Store your digital assets in the cloud


Manage your activities in a centralised platform

Record of movements

Follow the life cycle of your heritage objects

Conservation & Restoration

Report the status of your object and export custom reports

Technical support

Our training and maintenance

Data migration

Synchronise information from various databases

Custom services

We tailor our technology to suit your needs