How to showcase your heritage collection on a WordPress page

Coeli's plugin: An essential tool for heritage dissemination

If you are a cultural institution looking to disseminate your institution’s heritage, we have a technological solution for you: our WordPress plugin for publishing your collections online. With this tool, you can share your collections with all audiences easily and accessibly from any device.

In this blog, we explain what our WordPress plugin is and its benefits. We also provide three success stories as examples of how institutions use it to disseminate their collections.

Logo Museu Pau Casals i Fundació Pau Casals

“The publishing process has been very agile, easy, and practical. It is a tool that allows for modifications to be made very simply and to adapt to the needs of our collections. In addition, data updates are immediate.”

Isaura Solé · Archive, Collection management & Documentation

Coeli's WordPress plugin: easy, accessible, and scalable

We explain the five key benefits of using our WordPress plugin.

Coeli’s WordPress plugin for the online publication of heritage collections is a tool that integrates into the WordPress CMS to improve your online presence, making it easy and accessible for everyone to publish your heritage collections. In this way, visitors to your museum, gallery, or archive website can explore collections interactively and discover the stories behind the exhibited pieces.

Boost the visibility of your collections

Thanks to Coeli’s plugin, cultural institutions can publish their collections online within the same WordPress website in a very simple way, allowing access to a wider and more diverse audience. It helps you to disseminate culture and heritage more effectively, allowing everyone to access the content of your institution.

Images, audios, videos, and PDFs

Coeli’s plugin offers a wide variety of tools and options to customize the publication of museums’ heritage collections. Depending on your needs, you can configure which fields you want to appear in the listings, in the item pages, and in the search engine of your website. It also supports previewing the same formats available at Coeli’s back office: the most standard image formats (JPG, PNG, etc.), audio, videos, and PDFs.

Update data in real-time

One of the great advantages of having the WordPress plugin for publishing your collections is the guarantee that the presented information is always up to date. The plugin connects directly to Coeli’s database: this means that you will save time because any changes in the database will be immediately reflected on your website, such as the addition of new collections or the updating of any data.

Logo de l'Auditori el Museu de la Música

“Using this application has allowed us to showcase the instrument collections of Catalan museums in a simple, accessible, and clear way”

Marisa Ruiz Magaldi · Curator, Collections & Documentation

Lists, groupings, filters, free search, and advanced search

We help you create narratives for your users: design separate lists for each of your collections, group them according to your narrative, or display them all at once. In addition, the Coeli plugin features functionalities to enable user discovery such as dynamic and visual filters, free-text search, which allows searching for text in the entire record, or advanced search to perform specific searches according to the field.

Customization flexibility

The plugin has a default display for easy implementation, but the institution’s web technicians can fully customize the look and feel of the online collection. Using PHP, CSS, and HTML, they can change the design, structure, and incorporate elements such as timelines, maps, and much more. This allows museums to tailor their online presentation to their specific needs and unique style.

Examples of using the Coeli WordPress plugin

The best way to showcase cultural heritage online

Below are three examples of websites where the Coeli plugin for WordPress has been used to publish heritage collections: the Museum Pau Casals, the CATICAT and Arxiu Lliure. Each example demonstrates how the Coeli WordPress plugin can be customized to meet the needs of each organization.

Logo Museu Pau Casals i Fundació Pau Casals

Pau Casals' Heritage

Museo y Fundación Pau Casals

Collection of musical instruments, furniture, decorative arts, personal objects, etc.

Visit website
Logo de l'Auditori el Museu de la Música

Catalog of Instruments

Museum of Music

Inventory of 17 cultural institutions for the dissemination of Catalan musical heritage.


Teatre Lliure's Archive

Teatre Lliure

Documentary collection of posters, costumes, photographs, show videos, interviews, etc.

Visit website

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