Integrated management system policy

Approved by Management on 28/04/2023

Integrating knowledge, preserving it, and making it accessible is the purpose of our actions. We contribute to our clients’ efficiency by providing our knowledge and experience.

At Coeli, we care about what we do, and we care about doing it well. We also believe that people are the determining factor for the success of a project. Every team member is important, and together we fulfill our commitment to our clients.

In this sense, Coeli‘s quality and document management policy becomes a strategic framework to be considered when designing internal processes, evaluating their implementation, proposing opportunities for improvement, and ensuring that documents generated in business activities are created and maintained in a controlled manner.

Therefore, we establish the following principles as key factors:

  • Experience, motivation, adaptability to needs, and sincerity in communication. Trust, transparency, and confidentiality with all those with whom we work.
  • Respect and professionalism are fundamental in our day-to-day work. Learning to unlearn, leaving behind outdated ways of doing things to learn new ones.

Therefore, the management of Coeli, sensitive and aware of the relationship with the environment in which it operates, is committed to:

  • Allocate the necessary efforts and resources to instill this commitment throughout the organization in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 30301 standards.
  • Disseminate and make available to the entire organization the necessary tools for the proper understanding and implementation of the policy and its resulting activities.
  • Create and maintain a document management system that ensures the creation and preservation of high-quality, intact, and reliable documents that serve as evidence of our activities, enable accountability, facilitate the processing and exploitation of data through technological means, and promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Receive proposals and develop improvement strategies to maintain practical and sustainable working processes and the integrated management system – quality, environmental, information security, and document management.
  • Protect the environment, including pollution prevention, through responsible use of resources and reduction of environmental impacts resulting from our activities.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements for the activities performed, including voluntary or agreed requirements with other stakeholders and those derived from the integrated management system.
  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, traceability, authenticity, and availability of information through the implementation of technical and organizational controls that enhance the security of our management system.