What is the II Coeli Conference?

The “II Coeli Conference: Heritage Collections and Digital Innovation”, which was held on the 2nd of June 2022 at the Ateneu Barcelonès, was a space for exchange between professionals from cultural institutions. In the second edition of our conference, we brought together more than one hundred and sixty professionals from museums, archives, libraries, universities and art galleries.

Presentations, round tables and activities

The main focus of the II Coeli Conference were innovative projects regarding our clients’ heritage collections. We showed a wide range of cases: from cataloging with artificial intelligence tools by Teatre Lliure, to the management of Pau Casal Museum and digital strategies for social media. If you want to read the program, please click here.

Let's create a collection!

We published +150 objects during the conference

The attendees created a heritage collection in situwhich brought together more than 150 objects. During the break, the attendees were told to photograph elements around them, which they later documented in our solution for cataloging. With our plug-in that enables online publication, we published the collection instantly. It was an amalgam of plants, coffees, posters, tiles and team images.

Persona fent una fotografia amb el mòbil a la Jornada Coeli 2022

The II Jornada Coeli: Heritage Collections & Digital Innovation has received a grant for the organization of digital cultural content events in Catalonia (CLT099) from the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia

Revisit the II Coeli Conference

We invite you to watch the presentations and round tables that took part in the II Coeli Conference. Please do activate the automatic subtitles to get the information in English.

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