Discover the heritage collections from Museum Pau Casals and Pau Casals' Foundation with our software

Do you want to explore the cultural legacy of Pau Casals? The Pau Casals Foundation and the Pau Casals Museum have recently published their collections online on their brand new webpage thanks to the management of Coeli’s technology. Learn how we have managed their multiple databases with our collections management software.

At Coeli, we work hard to optimize the management of heritage collections with our technology. In this article, we will share how we have been promoting the dissemination of Pau Casals’ cultural legacy with our documentary platform.

What are the needs of the museum and the archive?

The centralisation of information in a single environment is one of the key points of this project, given the multiple databases both from the archive and the museum. Coeli is a modern tool that acts as an integration hub allowing different working spaces. In doing so, we follow the structure of each institution with the aim to optimise the workflow.

Pla Cumulonimbus de Coeli

In this case, the solutionManagement (Cumulonimbus)offers our customers a comprehensive management tool: advanced documentation, records of movement history (income, loans, etc.) and publication of the collection.

The metadata sheet music

Development of migration

Migrations are complex processes, especially from multiple databases, so we have applied different adjustments overall (replacing older images, reducing repeated vocabularies, adding new metadata, etc.). We have also created new files in batchcoming from the process of digitalisation and linking them to each record.

We have included everything under the same data model following Spectrum’s international standard from Collection Trust, which allows the management of collections comprehensively.

“The advice and experience of Coeli professionals has been key during the process, which has allowed us to make a quick migration and clarify the doubts that have arisen along the way” (Núria Ballester, Director of the Museu Pau Casals)

Welcome to the concert

Publish your collection online

Publishing your heritage collections is vital in an interconnected world. The user decides which assets should be published and, directly with Coeli, they can view their online catalogue with a single click. This functionality is possible thanks to our pre-designed widgets, which allow the publication of the collection without the need for web development. Check the resources below to discover the museum’s and archive’s collections.

Pau Casals Archive

A unique documentary collection
  • Textual collection
  • Image collection
  • Sound and audiovisual collection
  • Graphic collection

Museum Pau Casals Collection

An ensemble of patrimonial significance
  • Works of art
  • Personal objects
  • Commemorative objects
  • Musical instruments
  • Furniture and decorative arts

This online publication has required intense work from Pau Casals Museum’s and Foundation’s teams to review metadata and vocabularies, decide which fields to publish, retouch the design, create groupings and digitize the most relevant documentation.

Manage your collections to the next level

The multiple databases, both from the archive and the museum, are currently managed with Coeli’s software which is more intuitive for the user. It is important to highlight the centralization of information thanks to Coeli, which speeds up the internal workflow of professionals from the Pau Casals Foundation and the Pau Casals Museum.

Moreover, the user can also export documents in Word and Excel to create reports and annual statistics (creation of files, number of objects, etc.).

The Pau Casals Foundation and the Pau Casals Museum will be able to add new content as their digitized content increases. Afterwards, the users will be able to include it on their website with a single click.

Centralized database


Collections management

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