Coeli, software for each expertise

Are you looking for a solution for the whole team that can reflect the structure of your organisation? We work hard to create a solution that can help your institutions’ day-to-day tasks and optimise your workflow overall.

In regards to this, what are the characteristics of our software? How can we optimise the tasks within museums, libraries and archives? Or, even furthermore, between the department of collections, conservation, exhibition and the registry? You will find the answers in this blog.

1. Online access

We are a digital native platform. You can access our software from any device through the web, using the username and your password. You can work remotely, given the fact that the storage is on the cloud. Forget about technical maintenance. Anywhere, anytime. Work from any system (Windows or Mac, indifferently) and increase your capacity whenever you need it thanks to our highly scalable technology.

2. User management

Maximise the efficiency of your team. You will have an unlimited number of users inside a multilingual interface, where you can manage the role of each member.

Coeli responsive
"Create once, publish everywhere"

We want you to make the most of our software . Throughout a comprehensive consultancy, we assess your needs and match them with our technology. Therefore, we adapt our services to each context.

Case study

Regarding the work environments, the collective space #museuobert is an illustrative sample of this. This project embraces almost thirty museums, all allocated in different work environments within our documental platform. Each institution can only manage its collection (create, edit, view, review, etc.), independently from the other group members.

3. Work environments


Essentially, every case is singular because each team has its modus operandi. For this reason, we adapt our technology to the structure of your cultural institution. We take into consideration departments or sections to create different work environments with shared vocabularies at the same time. In this way, our documental platform follows the structure of your team to maximise its usage.

4. Specific functionalities

Coeli is a platform with significant potential; its characteristics open up the possibilities for all departments. Below, we will share some examples of the potentialities of our documental solution.

  • Customised templates. Export documents in Word from our customised templates (inventory lists, catalogues, exhibition signs, flyers for advertisement, etc.) ready to be used by various departments.
  • Elasticsearch. The search engine facilitates intern queries as well as dissemination tasks. It counts on a powerful advanced search that allows you to examine precise fields and establish parameters such as time intervals, if the field is informed, if it contains images, etc. At the same time, filters recount used vocabularies visually and practically.
  • Work lists and saved searches. You can select a group of objects of your interest and group them in a worklist that can be private or shared with the whole team. So you can export it to other formats and print it out.

…and much more!

We optimise your workflow

The centralisation of information, from heritage objects to day-to-day tasks, is a key point of our technology. Anywhere, anytime. The management of your collection within a single system, aligned with the flexibility of our documental platform, will allow your entire team to make the most of heritage collections.

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