The 4 Years From Now (4YFN) fair is the digital ecosystem for startups, held within the Mobile World Congress (MWC) from February 28th to March 3rd. This year, we had the honour to participate in it as an emerging tech company for cultural institutions. Do you want to discover our experience as exhibitors at the seventh edition of 4YFN?

Coeli Platform, emerging company with Catalan Arts Startups

This year, we have participated in the 4YFN as a startup thanks to the Catalan Arts Startups‘ joint booth organised by the Department of Culture through the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) and the General Directorate of Innovation and Digital Culture. Among the fourteen Catalan companies at the Catalan Arts Startups stand, we have met a wide range of companies working at the intersection between culture and technology: from videogame developers to transmedia platforms for performing arts. At Coeli Platform, we are thrilled to have been featured in this space as cloud software for documenting, publishing and managing heritage collections.

What we've done #4YFN22

Within the Catalan Arts Startups framework, we have had the chance to have our own space to meet with potential investors and tech professionals. During these four days, our team has received visits lots of visits from the fair’s attendees who are interested in our cloud services.

Essentially, the 4YFN has been a unique opportunity to showcase our cloud solutions for cultural institutions, boosting our internationalisation. In addition, we were also able to attend Catalan Arts Startups’ pitching with the presence of our peers from Aulart (Marc Marzenit, CEO), OffBeat (Ivet Anoro, CEO), Antidote (Aleix Canals, CEO), Unison (Jordi Puy, CEO) and WindowSight (Pol Rosset, CEO).

We would like to highlight that, beyond the business opportunities, the fair has provided us with the possibility to physically meet again our social media colleagues –we would like to say thank you for coming by to say hi.

14 Catalan digital culture start-ups

  • 2Awesome Studio: an independent studio and publisher specialised in portability and quality game development.

  • Antidote: an all-in-one gaming platform for studios and players.

  • Arspect: a marketplace that offers a dynamic, personalised experience through art rental.

  • Aulart: the leading EdTech platform for the contemporary music industry.

  • Coeli Patform: software as a service (SaaS) designed to document, manage and publish heritage collections.

  • Col·lectiu Cultura: a platform to connect people, institutions and businesses in non- metropolitan areas.

  • EDvidence: an incubation ecosystem for EdTech startups and other educational initiatives that combine university research with training in business innovation.


  • GameBCN: Barcelona’s global incubation programme, which helps video game studios professionalise their production and maximise their business opportunities.

  • La Tempesta: a company that designs and produces new formats and innovative experiences in culture and heritage through digital creativity.

  • Messcellany: interdisciplinary company specialised in the production of projects that combine new arts and multimedia technologies with the performing arts.

  • myStage: a digital platform for the management and promotion of the performing arts and live music sector that brings together artists, programmers and audiences.

  • OffBeat: a global community of music lovers. A space where fans can create a musical identity that defines them through the digital world.

  • Unison: the first private and for-profit music copyright management operator in Spain and one of the three pioneers in Europe.

  • WindowSight: a streaming platform for showcasing visual art on television while supporting artists and providing an accessible, affordable art experience.


Join us in our next stop... in Paris!

Our experience at the 4YFN Mobile World Congress has been great for the whole team. So our journey continues. In regards to that, we are pleased to announce that we will be participating as a startup in the Museum Connections, the international fair that will take place in Paris on March 30th and 31st. Along these lines, this event aims to be a space for exploring connections between professionals in the GLAM sector and innovative technologies. Keep up to date on our social media @CoeliPlatform’s to follow our next journey.