METAGLAM, an innovative project for collections

The Coeli team joins the project as experts in data architecture and metadata

Investigation of 3D browsing in virtual environments and of an online interface that allows access and consultation of content by enriching it with artificial intelligence. 

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The METAGLAM project focuses on the research of a 3D browsing interface and on carrying out a pilot test with the collections of the National Library of Catalonia linked to the artistic avant-gardes. The project includes, on the one hand, the enrichment of content through artificial intelligence and, on the other, the integration of users and the uses they make of this content in order to improve browsing and recommendations. 

Currently, browsing in digital environments is based on the list format, which is a set of results ordered linearly from most to least interesting. The METAGLAM project investigates how to optimise browsing and searches if these contents are arranged in a three-dimensional virtual space that is not necessarily figurative, that is, without the need to place a user-avatar in a library and reproduce the movements as if it was a real library. 

Coeli participates in the project as an expert in data architecture and metadata. In addition, the consortium counts on Eurecat through its Big Data & Data Science Unit and the Consultancy Department with MMC and the participation of the National Library of Catalonia. 

Project: METAGLAM – Improvements in the dissemination of collections through the enrichment of metadata with artificial intelligence and the use of new forms of three-dimensional navigation

Reference: PLEC2022-009322

Program: Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, State Program to Promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transferfrom the State Research Agency under the call “Projects in strategic lines 2022

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