Our team

Estem al núvol perquè som una tecnologia tipus SaaS.
Elevem la gestió de les teves dades patrimonials a un altre nivell.


In the cloud, for the cloud. Coeli Platform S.L. is a native digital company that was born thanks to a group of experts in knowledge management. They detected, first-hand, the necessity to create a technological tool prepared for all types of cultural institutions with the ability to adapt to the continuous evolution of the GLAM sector.

Our mission

Our name means “sky” in Latin and that’s why we give wings to your projects. We support each cultural institution in online publishing, documentation and collection management through our software. We contribute to your digital transformation with a cloud service (SaaS) based on international standards (Spectrum, CIDOC-CRM, SKOS Concept, Dublin Core) within an agile and intuitive environment for the user.


Espai de treball coworking BCN575

We want to hear from you. Coeli is at your service.

We ara data experts. We want to discover your singularity and suit our technology to your needs. Make the most of your heritage with our collection management system. Meet the flexibillityof Coeli, the software as a service (SaaS) designed to enhance the workflow of your whole team.


What our clients say

L'equip de Coeli, més enllà de la professionalitat, ens ha ofert una forma de treballar molt propera i personal, donant-nos accés directe a les persones encarregades dels diferents àmbits de treball, des del disseny fins a la programació o el manteniment”

Aureli Mora i Omar Ornaque  ·  Directors d’ArquitecturaCatalana.cat