Publication of collections

Create once, publish everywhere

Coeli is a cloud solution for disseminating, documenting and managing heritage collections in an agile and intuitive way. Coeli is inspired by the “create once, publish everywhere” philosophy.

Make your collection visible, because the value of heritage goes hand-in-hand with dissemination and use of the collections.

Let your catalogue grow in an environment based on standards and linked to the main international reference sources.

For museums, galleries, networks and consortia.

Documentation is our field. Solutions for the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

Small and medium-sized museums, art galleries and private collections, large museums, networks and consortia of museums.

Flexibility to choose the solution which best fits your needs.

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A tool designed for an interconnected world.

Descriptive schema based on standards from the heritage sector. Thesauri and vocabularies linked to international reference sources.

Agile and intuitive environment, insight tools, reports and data exportation.

Publication in real time on any device. Online catalogue oriented to search engine optimization.

Utilities to support data normalization and enrichment.

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Upload, publish and analyse in an agile and intuitive way.

Upload data to the platform and disseminate your collection with Coeli.

Review, edit and create new cards. Add and update data whenever you need to.

Publish your catalogue as a microsite, insert it easily onto your institutional site or use the API to create a new one suited to your needs.

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