Functionality comparison of Cirrus, Cumulus and Cumulonimbus Coeli’s plans. Cirrus basic plan for dissemination, Cumulus intermediate plan for description, and Cumulonimbus advanced plan for an integral management of your collection.

Dissemination Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Customizable microsite for a simple integration on the institutional site
Customizable widgets (search, lists, cards, filters,…)
DAM (Digital asset management) Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Associate images to an object
Associate multimedia files to an object No
Interoperability Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
API Rest
Link Open Data repository No
Edit Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Multilingual cataloguing Yes Yes Yes
Stored searches Yes Yes Yes
Sortable lists Yes Yes Yes
Working lists Yes Yes Yes
Publish and unpublish objects Yes Yes Yes
Basic data model Yes No No
Management oriented data model No Yes Yes
Cataloguing by object category No Yes Yes
Basic consulting environment Yes No No
Advanced consulting environment No Yes Yes
Edit in batch No Yes Yes
Collection management Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Advanced management of controlled vocabularies No Yes Yes
Acquisitions management No No Yes
Entry record No No Yes
Exit record No No Yes
Inventory No No Yes
Movement of pieces No No Yes
Conservation status No No Yes
Insurances No No Yes
Damage and loss No No Yes
Rights management No No Yes
Reproductions management No No Yes
Entry loan No No Yes
Exit loan No No Yes
Restorations No No Yes
Appraisal No No Yes
Exhibits management No No Yes
Import and Export Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Import in CSV format Yes Yes Yes
Synchronization with management systems (SQL,…) Yes Yes Yes
Reporting in editable format Yes Yes Yes
Export in CSV format Yes Yes Yes
Export in other formats (JSON-LD, LIDO, SKOS) No Yes Yes
Administration Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus
Multilingual interface Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited users Yes Yes Yes
Admin user for managing the backend workplace Yes Yes Yes
Administrator/editor user Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous public user Yes Yes Yes
Authenticated public user to provide access to third parties (only to public data) Yes Yes Yes
Backend consulting user Yes Yes Yes
Working environtment depending on user No Yes Yes
Editor user depending on role No Yes Yes
Control panel with statistical indicators No No Yes

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